The Way We Were

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Society in 2009 a photographic exhibition entitled " The Way We Were" was organised using material from the Society's archives. The exhibition was held at the Fane Arts Centre, Glynneath Training Centre from 19 October to 20 November 2009 and featured around 300 old photographs and postcards. The exhibition later moved to Glynneath Library for a month. From March to June 2010 the exhibition could be found on display at Cwmnedd Primary School, Glynneath.                                                                                                              

G&DHS Meeting                                                                                               


Setting up the exhibition proved a real challenge for members of the committee with a great deal of time invested in its planning, design and production (photographed above left). It was very much a team effort.                                                                                                                  Around 700 people visited the exhibition and judging by the many comments passed on and left in the visitors' book, the exhibition was much appreciated, enjoyed and for some brought back poignant memories. Mr.George Williams C.B.E., M.C., the then oldest surviving member of the Williams family of Aberpergwm, visited the exhibition on 27 October 2009 (photographed with members of the Society committee, above right). Afterwards Mr.Williams took tea with committee members who enjoyed listening to his recollections of family and of Aberpergwm House. Mr Williams sadly passed away in January 2013, it was our priviledge to have met with him.

Glynneath Continuum

Glynneath Training Centre working with the Society developed the Glynneath Continuum project in 2010 and submitted an application for funding to the Y Gronfa Wledig scheme administered by Neath Port Talbot Council. As a result of the funding secured the Society was able to set up this website with training provided for website administration.

Extending Heritage Horizons

Autumn 2010 saw the Society awarded grant funding from Y Gronfa Wledig, the Glynneath Selar Fund and the Energybuild Community Fund to purchase and install an internet enabled 52 inch LED Sony television at Glynneath Training Centre. Society members and members of the local community, are able to view images in superb digital quality on the LED screen as well as access heritage related information from the internet for purposes of research, education and enjoyment. Whenever Society meetings take place at the Training Centre speakers will be able to use the LED screen to present their slideshows via computer. The Society is very grateful to the aforementioned funders for providing such a valuable resource. The size of television screen and stunning picture quality brings to life whatever heritage related material is viewed.

Heritage Trail

In July 2011 the Society committee began work on the development of a heritage trail through Glynneath. Gemma Hargest of Neath Port Talbot CBC undertook work for the Society in developing the trail. The Society is indebted to Gemma for all her help and support.  

The Glynneath Cwmgwrach Heritage Trail leaflet was published in January 2012. Leaflets are available at the offices of Glynneath Town Council at Bethania Community Centrey, High Street, Glynneath and at Glynneath Library at the rear of Park Avenue, Glynneath.                                                           It is now possible for the Heritage Trail leaflet to be downloaded to your computer and if you wish you can then print a copy. Click on this link GLYNNEATH & CWMGWRACH HERITAGE TRAIL LEAFLET